Medical Alert Systems

We provide emergency medical alert monitoring services to thousands of senior citizens in the CSRA. The installation is free on all systems. Call us today to secure your spot for one of these reliable systems. 

Our system include:

1. Home Landline System:  Traditional medical alert in-home system that uses a landline compatible with most VoIP systems. The two-way speaker built into the base station will connect you with our emergency response operators. The Medical Alert landline system has a backup battery that will let you use the system even in a power outage. This system comes with a medical alert pendant or bracelet. You can add on an automatic fall detection pendant for an additional fee.

2. Home Cellular System: In-home medical alert system is identical to the system above except that it does not require a landline.  No cellular contract is required however you must have good cellular coverage where you live. This system also has optional automatic fall detection as an add-on.

3. Mobile: On-the-go coverage with advanced GPS tracking and optional fall detection, all in one on-the-go pendant with a built-in two-way speaker. Includes interchangeable neck or wrist options. Works as long as there is adequate cell phone coverage. It is water resistant for use in the bath or shower and the battery can last up to five days.

  • Optional Fall Detection is available as an add-on service for both the landline and non- landline medical alert systems. The pendant is a lightweight button that can be worn in the shower or bath.
  • Medical Alert Connect is a free mobile app for subscribers and caregivers. It allows you to track the location for those who have the mobile on-the-go system as well as the status of your device; including the testing schedule and contact list.  You can also use the mobile app to get updates about when the wearer has enabled the alert button via push notifications, set up a testing schedule for the equipment, check on the system status and more.

Contact us now to secure your spot for one of these reliable systems.